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Welcome to Brook Painting. We also offer services on deck maintenance, siding replacement, and seamless gutters. Brook Painting residential and commercial painting company is based in Atlanta, GA and is  a better business bureau recommended company dedicated to outstanding work on every project, large or small. 

 Our teams have over fifteen years of experience in interior and exterior home painting, woodwork, and decking maintenance.

From our sales team to our painting crews, we are committed to excellence in everything we do.

To ensure top customer satisfaction, Brook Painting is fully insured. Our professionals are always working to further perfect their skills, resulting in unmatched quality and superior service at all times. You can count on Brook Painting for clarity in communication, trained applicators, use of premium products, and high standards.

We will come to you anytime to drop off a free, no-obligation estimate and promise never to bill you more than the estimate with the exception of any additional work that was approved by you.

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  1. Pressure washing
  2. Wood Work
  3. Caulk and seal
  4. Painting
  5. Deck staining
  6. Sherwin Williams
  7. Top quality materials
  8. Fence Staining or P.W
  9. Main doors staining

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  1. Ceiling, walls, trim
  2. Cabinets Resurfacing
  3. Wallpaper removal
  4. Painting
  5. Texture removal
  6. Sheetrock repairs
  7. Cracks will be fix
  8. Color Consultation
  9. Main doors staining

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  1. House wrap weather
  2. Weather barrier
  3. Flashing, caulk on seams
  4. Flashing, on doors and windows
  5. A dumpster will provide it
  6. Pick up trash daily
  7. Supervised daily.
  8. James Hardie Warranty

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  1. 6″ Aluminium gutters
  2. Cut and made at the house.
  3. Seamless no more leaking
  4. Many colors to choose
  5. No more falling gutters,  hide screw hangers
  6. No more peeling from painting on future
  7. Aluminum Gutter covers

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We will come to you and have an estimate ready and emailed in full detail to you within 1-2 business days. 


We have had the same phone number since 2005

Georgia: (678) 349-4988

South Carolina: (864) 249-5440


We are available Monday – Friday between 8 am to 5 pm. 


We will give you a 5-year Warranty on most of our work.


Our Sales Representative really know their job and will be able to answer any question.



Our Sales Representative will also check the job daily. We will also check how everything is going according to how it was planned.


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