Estimate Cost

The estimate is free at no cost to you.
You will meet someone with the experience to answer all of your concerns. At Brook painting, our sales consultants have been working in the field for years before they became a sales representatives.
No, there is absolutely no obligation to sign any paperwork unless you decide there and then that you want the job done and want to be put on our schedule.
The estimate is good for 60 days. After that time, we may have to inspect your home again (mostly exterior jobs)
If you decide to schedule the same day you received your proposal, you may be able to qualify for a discount.
We can’t combine multiple discounts, but we can help you to choose your best option.
Most of the times you will receive your quote at same time of inspection or the latest within 24 hours. We Will also email it to you in an easy and comprehensive pdf form with detail description with pictures  of what needs to be replaced.


Exterior F.A.Q’S – It is Great to be part of your ideas

We will have to pressure wash every surface that needs to be done and make sure It is cleaned before we begin painting.
Only the house will be pressure washed. NOTE: Deck, drive way, walkway, yard walls can be pressure washed but will have a small extra charge  
At Brook Painting we care for your plants so we will never apply something that will  harm  the plants.
No, just please make sure all windows are closed and please mention to us if you had any issues with pressure washing in the past.
We will seal all areas where painting will be required. We use Power House elastomeric from Sherwin Williams.
You are coming to the right place. We will replace Any wood that need to be replaced with rot free materials where possible.
Normally some one on our crew will be able to  answer your questions. The consultant who sold you the job will stop by once a day most of the times.
When the job begins, if more rotted wood is found, we will inform you of a price and solution before any replacement .
We are in beautiful Georgia so any time of the year is good. We offer a 5 year warranty, so we will never risk to do something wrong at your home or something that will put at risk the beautiful outcome of a quality job.
Some parts will be done by hand and airless sprayers. when we use sprayers we will cover some areas just to make sure no over spray will damage other parts of the house.


Interior F.A.Q’S, Great info before Start your interior project

You Should expect a pleasant time and great results when you work with Brook Painting
Normally some one on our crew will be able to  answer your questions. A consultant  will stop by once at day most of the time.
Only thing we require to be moved by you will be cloth in closets, if they need to be painted and small breakables like ornaments, or expensive pictures from walls. Big furniture will be moved around or to the middle of the room and will be covered with plastic. Also, wood flooring and carpets will be covered with plastic, paper or drop cloth.
We do have a standard but great prep process, which includes caulk, fix any cracks and seams and  prime where it needs it. We will fix any cracks or holes with sheet rock compound. 
We normally use Sherwin Williams quality paint but our crews are open to any suggestions or preferences you may have.
Everything depends on what  colors you have and what colors you want, normally more than 2 coats are not required.
After everyday is finished, our team will pick up trash and tools. Covers will be removed  if room is done. We will leave room covers where we still need to work. After the job is finished, we will vacuum and clean, put blinds and furniture back. You may may be required to hire some one to do a deep cleaning in jobs where a lot sanding was required.
the Brook painting team will move all of your furniture back.
we will walk through the job and make sure you are happy and satisfied. That way you can recommend us with friends and family.



Deck Maintenance – Lets give the life back to your deck

Let our experts t Brook Painting help you with your concern on what is the best option for you. Some times Pressure washing and a good coat of stain can make a big difference.
We will pressure wash it. This will remove most of the mold and dirt and will be ready to be stained the next day.
If you deck has already been painted you can do it, but may cause you peeling problems. If you just want to change the color, Super Deck is a great product that offers a extensive variety of colors.
You will be safe to put your things back on the deck after 2 hours. for plants and pots wait up to 6 hours.  You will be able to walk on your deck after 30 minutes of last coat.
Sometimes one coat is enough, but never more than 2 coats is required. More than 2 coats on the same day is risky and can affect adhesion  of the stain.
We use a good technique in which we use a paint sprayer and roll back, that way the stain can penetrate any cracks in the wood and level up. Super Deck is a great product.
Normally some one on our crew will be able to  answer your questions. The consultant who sold you the job will stop by once a day most of the times.



What do I need to know about gutters and gutter guards

Let our Brook Painting specialist be honest and give his opinion. You can be assured that we will not tell you to change them if it is not needed.
Our Company has a special crew just for gutters; they are not painters. We will never put our painters to replace your gutters. We won’t go to just any materials supplier and come back to your house and make a lot of seams. Our crew keeps a 6” Aluminum gutter machine so your gutters are seamless gutters. They will be made at your property to ensure fit.
Our Gutters are 6” Aluminium gutters and we use hidden hangers with screws on them. No more visible and loose nails which you have to keep hitting up every 3 months.
We do offer a big variety of colors. Little changes like the gutters improves not only the looks of your home, but also adds protection to  prevent water  from ruining your fascia boards and soffits. 
Gutter covers are not always a good option. Sometimes the roof pitch will play a lot on covers functionality. They are very helpful to help keep your gutters clean but we will not try to sell them to you if they won’t work on your home. We are behind you to help you, not to get your  money.
They are aluminium, and we offer options as white and brown
Normally some one on our crew will be able to  answer your questions. The consultant who sold you the job will stop by once at day most of the time.

All you need to know on siding replacement – Brook Painting a quality company

The pricing on all siding depends on the  size of your home and what is required to get the job done.
We will have a dumpster set on your drive way. That way when the job is finished, we can haul it all away.
-After all siding is removed we will check for any wood damage behind the siding. (if something is found, it will be an additional charge to fix) -Install the house wrap weather barrier. - Aluminium flashing will be installed between joint of siding and around windows also where it is close to the ground. - We will pressure wash after the siding has been replaced. -All corner boards also will be replaced.
We only use James Hardie for siding and corner boards. The best for your home
Yes, We can also replace fascia and soffit with James Hardie for an additional price.
We offer 5 years through Brook Painting and 30 years through James Hardie. After the 30 year warranty, it will be prorated. Every receipt of all the materials we buy will be sent to James Hardie, that way they have your information and they can cover the warranty.



  • All interior and exterior paint jobs have a 1 year unlimited warranty with an extra 5 year limited warranty.

  • Gutters- 10 year warranty.

  • Decks- up to 36 months depending on previous wood maintenance

  • Woodwork- 5 year warranty NOTE: warranty applies to woodwork we replaced only. 

Warranty Notes:

Warranty can be voided if bad or negligent maintenance/work was done (pressure washing, chemicals, etc) or natural disasters

Special Notes

We will do a quick clean up after each interior/exterior work day. Please do not leave kids or pets unattended in the areas, especially with exterior jobs where carpentry is being done. We will do a thorough deep cleaning on the last work day (picking up nails, aluminum debris) We will inform you of when it is completely safe to be back in the areas. Thank you for your patience and help with keeping you and your family safe. 

Prices are subject to change.

At Brook Painting, we take pride in being able to deliver great workmanship at the lowest prices possible. There will be times where prices of paint, materials, etc will be higher, therefore our estimates may go up. Thank you for your understanding and rest assured, that we will always give the best prices that we can possibly give.