All you need to know on siding replacement – Brook Painting a quality company

Depends of the  size of your home and what is required to get the job done.
We will have a dumpster sat your drive way. That way when the job is finished, we can haul it all away.
-After all siding is removed we will check for any wood damage behind the siding. (if something is found, it will be an additional charge to fix) -Install the house wrap weather barrier. - Aluminium flashing will be installed between joint of siding and around windows also where it is close to the ground. -Pressure wash will be done after siding has been replaced. -All corner boards also will be replaced.
We only use James Hardie for siding and corner boards. The best for your home
Yes, We also can replace fascia and soffit with James Hardie for an additional price.
We offer 5 years through Brook Painting and 30 years through James Hardie. After the 30 year warranty, it will be prorated. Every receipt of all the materials we buy will be sent to James Hardie, that way they have your information and they can cover the warranty.




Warranty and Special Notes of F.A.Q’S




  • Some Exteriors 5 years, peeling, cracking and blistering

  • Some Interiors 5 Years, peeling, cracking, except where water or chemical has damage surfaces.



  • Gutters 5 years but we been installing gutters for over 15 years with no issues at all.

  • Decks up to 36 months depending of notes prior maintenance.



  • Siding 5 years thru Brook Painting and up to 30 Years thru James Hardie.

  • Warranty get void for use of any chemicals or natural disasters, or customer decided not to replace wood with issues or  masonite siding. All warranties include labor and material at not cost to our customer (except if customer need some extra get done)



We will do a quick clean up everyday Interior or Exterior, but please do not let kids or animals unattended after a working day, especially with exterior jobs where carpentry is getting done, on the last day we will make a more deep cleaning on search for nails and debris from any aluminum, We will let you know when is safe to be outside. Thanks for your patience and help us with your own safe.